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Winter-Proof Your Property: Expert Advice for Landlords and Property Owners/Occupiers to Ensure a Cosy and Energy-Efficient Winter

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As winter approaches, landlords and property owners/occupiers should take steps to winter-proof their properties. The benefits of this include lower energy bills, increased property value, improved comfort, reduced environmental impact, and minimised risk of damage from extreme weather. Here, we provide expert advice on winter-proofing your property and ensure you and your tenants stay cosy and energy-efficient during the colder months.

The Importance of Winter-Proofing

Winter-proofing is essential for energy efficiency and preventing damage from extreme weather conditions. Insulating your property can prevent heat loss, lower energy bills, and make it more attractive to tenants or buyers. Additionally, preventative measures such as clearing gutters and sealing cracks can help minimise the risk of water damage and other weather-related issues.

Common Winter-Related Issues

Poor insulation and drafts caused by gaps around windows and doors are common winter issues. Frozen pipes, condensation, and damage to gardens and outdoor spaces are also concerns. Addressing these issues proactively can help ensure a hassle-free winter season.

Heating System Maintenance and Upgrades

Regular maintenance, changing air filters, upgrading to programmable thermostats, and investing in energy-efficient heating systems are all important for a cosy and energy-efficient winter. Bleeding radiators can also improve efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Lighting and Appliances

Switching to LED lighting, installing motion sensors and timers, using Energy Star-rated appliances, and unplugging electronics when not in use can all help save on electricity bills and reduce your property’s environmental impact. If you’re a landlord, educate your tenants about energy-efficient practices.

Winterising Your Garden and Outdoor Spaces

Winterising your garden and outdoor spaces is important to protect plants, furniture, and other outdoor features from harsh weather conditions. Trimming trees and shrubs, clearing gutters and downspouts, protecting outdoor furniture, draining and storing garden hoses, and covering plants with frost blankets or burlap are all essential steps.

Preparing for Extreme Weather Conditions

Investing in snow removal equipment, clearing snow and ice, inspecting and reinforcing roofs, creating emergency kits, and communicating with tenants are all critical for preparing for extreme weather conditions.


Winter-proofing your property is a proactive approach with numerous benefits. From lower energy bills to improved comfort to minimised risks of damage, winter-proofing is a worthwhile investment in the longevity of your property and the well-being of its occupants. Start winter-proofing your property today.

But don’t wait until the freeze sets in – start winter-proofing your property today. If you are a landlord in need of help to manage your portfolio of properties or you are a property owner looking to sell in the new year and have concerns about completing the necessary work, contact our team today to find out how we can support you:

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Parkgate has been my agent of choice for a number of years now and has secured good tenants for my properties. They are hard working, respond in a timely manner and best of all are always friendly rather than aggressive or overbearing, which is the case with many of their competitors.
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Excellent service throughout.We rented a property that they manage for 4 years.Parkgate team is very professional and approachable. Way better than dealing with a big agency, they offer a more personal approach, always available and willing to solve any issues.From the tenancy agreement to handing the property back, it has been a real pleasure working with them.
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We have had a wonderful experience with Parkgate and would highly recommend them. Chris was brilliant on the valuation - what we liked is he was totally honest about our chances of selling and gave us the positives and negatives about our property (such as facing a council estate!). Other agents tend to just gush over the good bits which is great, but actually not that helpful.The selling process was great - we were given good feedback from the viewings and got the price we wanted within about 8 weeks.We really have nothing but praise for Klaudia and Chris, it's been really enjoyable, easy and stress free and we will be recommending Parkgate to all our friends in the area and our building.***** Thank you! *****